Overnight Newborn Care

Overnight newborn care is one of Hush Little Baby’s more beloved service options for care! Hush Little Baby is unique in that we have a tiered system of care providers to fit any family budget. It is our mission to provide care for any family that may need it.

Postpartum Doula Services

Bringing baby home comes with great joy, but also new adjustments in the home. Having a postpartum doula in your home the first few weeks home from the hospital can help your family adjust to life at home with baby. Postpartum care is a great first line of defense against postpartum depression.

Labor Doula Support

Experienced doulas providing reliable, unbiased and non-judgmental birth support. We know you are capable of making decisions about your birth, but we are here to support those choices no matter how you birth your baby! Our team of birth doulas look forward to guiding you and your partner through the birth process.